‘Pakal Productions’ a premier production house launched in the year 2023 is in its full capacity an ad hoc for hosting and adding creative co-space for a series of Art exhibitions, Media Entertainment, and infotainment Events across India. Our exhibition and art production company is dedicated to showcasing the works of talented artists and creating unique experiences for art enthusiasts. We curate and produce exhibitions, art shows, and other events that feature a wide range of styles, mediums, and culture that is being impacted demographically and geographically. Our team is a passionate wing committed to promoting and supporting emerging and established artists and exhibition specialists alike. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and goals, and we take immense pride in transforming spaces into captivating desirable Artscape. From the initial concepts to the planning stages to the final execution and promotion of the event, we are involved in each and every phase of the journey. Our attention to detail and focus on quality ensures that every exhibition we produce is a masterpiece, both artistically and commercially. Whether you are an art enthusiast looking for an extraordinary experience or a compelling creator of art, our exhibition and art production company is here to make it all happen in one go.






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